Materials we can source.....and help you to put into production...

For Can-makers...

Various Can Components including:

  • Rings & Lids

  • Irregular Ends

  • Food Ends

  • Peel-Off Ends

  • Beverage Ends
  • Aerosol Tops & Bottoms

Various Raw Materials including:

  • Tinplate in Sheet form

  • Tinplate in Strip form (Straight & Scrolled Cut)

  • Printed Sheets

  • Lacquered Sheets

Specialist Lids

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Various Components

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Tinplate in Sheet

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For Can-fillers...

Various Tinplate Can Types including:

  • Industrial & General Line Cans

  • Food Cans

  • Aerosol Cans

  • Cans with Peel-off Ends

  • Beverage Cans
  • Aerosol Tops & Bottoms

Other Can Types including:

  • Composite Cans & Tubes

  • Aluminuim Drawn Cans

  • Clear Plastic Cans

  • Opaque Plastic Cans

Industrial Cans

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Clear Plastic Cans

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Metal Food Cans

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